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Double-glazed windows for giving

Double-glazed windows for giving

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Double-glazed windows for giving

The double-glazed window as important element of a metalplastic window, requires special attention. It represents a uniform translucent design from two or three glasses, with one or two air chambers which are fixed in a window frame or a shutter. The double-glazed window occupies nearly 80% of the space of a metalplastic window. Appearance of a window, your expenses on heating, comfort indoors and its security depend on it. Therefore if all this is important for you, we offer you windows from PVH only with glasses of a special purpose (double-glazed window). We use or single-chamber (2 glasses), or two-chamber (3 glasses) double-glazed windows. Not always single-chamber double-glazed windows concede to two-chamber double-glazed windows. Everything depends on thickness (from 16 to 46 mm), filling of air chambers and quantity and the characteristic of glasses. As for the last, it is possible to glaze not only simple glass. There are decorative and protective glasses thanks to which you will be able not only to give a faultless look to your window, but also to protect from solar ultra-violet radiation. There are films on a surface tinted on all volume, so-called K-glasses or energy saving tinted with a dusting mirror, etc. We give preference of LOW-E as result of significant improvement of sound-proof and heat-shielding characteristics of a metalplastic window and we recommend to you. And how to check whether really glass is energy saving, i.e. LOW-E, you come to us into office and we will show. Because we are sure that you pay for LOW-E glass, and receive a window with simple glass.

Reinforcing. The durability of a metalplastic window depends also on existence in the PVH profile of metal reinforcing. Many producers of metalplastic windows do not reinforce a plastic profile. We know that need of reinforcing of a frame, shutters and an imposta is obligatory as the plastic profile does not possess rigidity, and the window without iron basis will not be able to keep own geometry inside. We as, the producer of windows from PVH without profile which is characterized by standard slowness of 6 m to provide full service and a guarantee we will not be able.
Accessories. Quality of our production depends not only on the used profile or a double-glazed window, but also on accessories. The accessories can sometimes change opinion of the customer on durability of operation of a window. Therefore we very seriously treat the choice of accessories, and we work with MACO, TTS, ROTO, VORNE, GEVISS. The Austrian accessories of MASO one of the most reliable and durable as at its production use only high-quality steel. The convenient, universal accessories of MASO possess a set of useful functions (restriction of turn 90 °; slot-hole airing; ensuring ease of closing of shutters of the big sizes; blocking of the wrong opening; intermediate turning and tilting; intermediate turning and tilting, etc.) and the increased reliability. It is exclusive all interfaced details of this accessories are tselnolity without neklepochny inserts in junctions. The surface of all mechanisms of accessories of MASO has a two-layer covering which allows to exclude their corrosion and prolongs operation term. And all steel details become covered with wax, providing, thus, smoothness of the movement also reduces friction between them. We offer you for a cold season - microairing in one position, for fight against formation of condensate on a surface of windows - microairing in four positions.
The wide color gamut can meet any requirements for design.
The window handle with the button and the window handle with a key provide protection against breaking and safety of children.
Why not to work with such accessories if the wide range of details of accessories of MASO gives the chance to solve any technological problem of a window complete set including after its installation.
Installation works. Windows in itself - anything, without complex of perfect and high-quality services, necessary for trouble-free operation. Our production of windows and doors allowed us to become the service organization, and our high-quality installation brought our service to the highest level. Installation of a window is rather difficult process therefore installation of our windows is carried out specialized erection team which observes all standards and technologies. It is known that good installation begins with measurement which is carried out, without fail, by our expert who considers the thermal and sound modes of each room where the window is mounted. Special attention is paid to perception by windows of climatic loadings, to perception and distribution of wind loadings between a window and a wall, an esthetics of the mounted window outside and inside. Rigid fixing of windows of frames in an aperture, our experts, excludes any errors in installation.
Recently we began to be recommended, and we began to work, only, according to the recommendation. Moreover, we propose individual solutions of a glazing of your house or office. We always help our clients, providing quality of production and the service guaranteeing to our customers comfort, tranquility and a cosiness for many years.

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Double-glazed windows for giving
Double-glazed windows for giving
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